Loyalty reward points


At every purchase gives you points!

In order to show you our appreciation for your preference in our online store, with every purchase you make you collect loyalty points which are added to your account. These points can be used only by registered members of

Every time you shop, you collect points that you can redeem with your next purchase!

How does the redemption program work?

  • Every € 1 is worth one point.
  • In each of your purchases you can redeem part or all of your points as long as these points do not exceed the value of the transaction.

How long are the points available?

  • The points you earn from each purchase are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Process Description


For every purchase you make from our site we reward you with points.


After you complete your purchase and pay for your order, the points will be stored in your account so that you can use them in the next purchase.


You can redeem your points in your next order and earn a 5% refund.